Photo Lab Services

At Foons Photographics, we have been operating our own processing and printing facility for almost 50 years.

We were one of the first country Victorian laboratories to offer a colour processing service back in 1968. Prior to then Morris Foon was hand processing rolls of B&W film and printing photos for the local area. Our service quickly grew and soon offered a wide range of printing and enlargement services to domestic customers and professional photographers in the Gippsland and Southern Metropolitan area.

We are still a specialised printing service and now cater for so much more than ever before.

As the technology changes we move along with the customers needs and now use industry standard equipment and materials to produce stunning results on a wide range of mediums.

A new service just commissioned allows us to print large quantity but economical runs of postcards, brochures, business cards, letterheads, stickers, leaflets and more.

  • Colour and B&W Film Processing
  • Traditional Colour Printing ("C" print )
  • Wide format Inkjet printing up to 44" wide on a range of mediums including....
  • Canvas, Watercolour Papers, Self Adhesive Wall Paper, Exhibition Quality Papers
  • Silver Gelatine B&W Darkroom Printing available
  • Scanning of negatives, slides, artworks, glass plates, vintage posters and precious photographs
  • Reproduction of original artworks such as Oil and Watercolour paintings, etchings, sketches, tapestries, etc

Our lab services are wide and varied. Please give us a call with any special requests and see what is possible.


One of our recent installations using reposition self adhesive material - total size 2.5 mtr x 3 mtr.